2021 F2 WARSAW World Cup – Registration & Local Rules information – REGISTRATION STARTS 27-02-2021 22:00 CEST

By | 2021-02-03

2021 FAI F2 WARSAW World Cup for Control Line Model Aircraft
06-08.08.2021   Wloclawek Poland

Do use the link:  <WORLD CUP ENTRY>  active from 27-02-2021, Saturday 22:00 CEST)


  1. Only online Google Forms will be use for the registration procedure.
  2. Each competitor (F2C team pilot or mechanic) must complete an appropriate Google’s Entry Form. The proxy will not be accepted.
  3. Please pay special attention and complete the form for proper class. If you make a mistake the complaint will not be considered.
  4. Each competitor can check status of his on-line registration at the website. Organizer will not send any confirmations to competitors.
  5. The number of entries for each class from Poland has been limited to 6 competitors (teams) to be fair for foreign competitors. The competitors (for F2C – teams) of the Polish National Team have the priority.
  6. Entry Fee must be paid at Event Office before the start of the competition on 06-08-2021 by 10:00. It will be possible to pay on 05-08-2020 from 08:00 by 16:00. Organizers encourage competitors to do this on this day.
  7. If problem please do contact Contest Director Marek Dominiak, mobile: +48 501 132 657, email:


  1. Entries are limited
  2. Registration rule “First come first served”.
  3. Number of competitors for F2A: maximum 30
  4. Number of competitors for F2B:
    maximum 30 (if a Single-Circle format will be used)
    maximum 60 (if a Double-Circle format will be used)
  5. Number of teams for F2C: maximum 33.
  6. Number of competitors for F2D: maximum 34.
  7. One competitor can start only in one class.
  8. Entry Fee: 45 Euro.
  9. Please do find also World Cup & World Championships Schedule.
  10. F2D competitors have used their own FAI fuel. Organizer do not support F2D fuel for Warsaw World Cup. 80% methanol / 5% nitromethane / 8% synthetic oil / 7%  castor oil
  11. Registration will be available ON-LINE ONLY using the official Organizers of 2021 FAI F2 World Championships website: cl-f2abcd-wchs2020.pl
  12. Start of registration for F2A, F2B, F2C and F2D class from 27-02-2021, Saturday 22:00 CEST