Volunteers Team under command of Ireneusz Wieczorek

By | 2022-08-25

On behalf of members of the National Teams and the Contest Director of the World Championships I would like to thank all the volunteers from Complex of Academic Schools in Wlocławek under command of Mr. Ireneusz WIECZOREK for their fantastic work as timekeepers and supporters. We are impressed by their work. Contest Director: Marek DOMINIAK

FAI World Records at World Championships

By | 2022-08-24

We are pleased to announce that 2 FAI World Records were broken during our World Championship: On 10-08-2022 a new world record of 308.5 km/h (F2A competition of speed models) was set by Alexander VALISHEV from USA. On  13.08.2022, during the final of the team racing (F2C competition team racing) a new world record was… Read More »

Municipality of Włocławek Support

By | 2022-08-16

Gmina Miasto Włocławek wspiera organizację Mistrzostw Świata FAI F2 Modeli Latających na Uwięzi Włocławek 2022 The Municipality of Włocławek supports the organization of the 2022 FAI F2 World Championships of Control Line Model Aircraft  Włocławek 2022  

Concerning mechanics in F2D class

By | 2022-06-19

It is correct that pilots and members of complete teams cannot help other teams. Neither can pilot in incomplete teams do that. But there are other that can help as mechanics: Other members of the national team. A stunt flyer (for instance) can help without problem. As being a member of the national team, he… Read More »

Orders’ forms

By | 2022-05-06

Please do find  the Orders Forms: Camping Order Form (COF),  Lunch Order Form (LOF) and Fuel Order Form (FOF). Organizers

Information from FAI Communication Manager

By | 2022-05-03

Dear Organisers of FAI-sanctioned Category 1 competitions, I hope the preparations for your events are going well. As the FAI Communication Manager, my role is to assist you in promoting your events before, during, and after they take place. My tasks include: * collect and publish videos, pictures, reports, information for the FAI website and FAI social media channels o Facebook page (www.facebook.com/airsports.fai <http://www.facebook.com/airsports.fai>) o Twitter account (<http://www.twitter.com/airsports_fai>www.twitter.com/airsports_fai) o Instagram (www.instagram.com/airsports.fai) o Flickr account (<http://www.flickr.com/photos/airsports_fai/>www.flickr.com/photos/airsports_fai/) o Air Sport Channel (<http://www.youtube.com/user/airsportschannel>www.youtube.com/user/airsportschannel) o website (www.fai.org <http://www.fai.org>) * provide FAI logos (order logos here <https://www.fai.org/branding>)… Read More »